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Straight from the only man in Hollywood who's not afraid to be himself...


On Deuces Wild (From the Official Deuces Wild Press Kit):
"Like many people, I'm facinated by that time and place.  I've seen other movies about that era, but this one really has a different edge to it."
"He's fighting to get out of this darkness brought on by his brother's death, and just as he's about to rise above it he gets dragged back in.  Leo really has a good soul, but he lets himself get out of control."
"Leon loves Bobby and he'll do anything to protect him.  That's what brings everything to a head."
"These were real, rough, tough fights, with regular punches and kicks, no fancy stuff.  We were able to do it just fine."

On Love:

"You just feel it (love). I don't know. All I can say is, just feel it."

"If I feel real honest love I'm like a changed person, I'd die for love!"

"I just kind of deal with it (heartbreak).  You have to feel the bad to be able to feel the good.  There's no easy way."

On Hollywood:

"Big Hollywood movies are always the same; I don't really get anything from them. There could be some cool shots or something, but thats about it... I definitely go for things that are not right on the nose."

"I was very conservative. I didn't live in Hollywood where people start to have sex at 12. I waited till I was 16."

"I don't want to look at movies just in terms of what's going to make money, because then I'm f*cked. But I do want the world to see the movies I make. The benefit of having a hit is that you can then do whatever you want."

"All anyone cares about is how many movies you've been in and how much money they've made. Well, I'm going to have a long career and get all these people to kiss my @$$."

"Well, all I want is to enjoy my work and to be able to say that I've got one of the coolest filmographies going.  I'm proud of the films I've made.  I'm proud that I turned down some because the scripts weren't right, even if everything else was.  I don't want to waste my time producing something that's crap."

"There is talent out there but there's only a few of us who can really pull it off.  You get by eaily with no talent at all if you want to.  You can be lazy and not bother.  But I'm aware of trying to do the best I can.  I work hard at being disciplined and I'm confident in my abilities.  So what else should I say about lazy actors?  That they're as good as me?  I'm good.  I can't help it."

On Cecil B. DeMented:
"I'm horny, but our film comes first!" I like that line. I also like "Power to the people who punish bad cinema." It's not against Hollywood. It's about bad movies. It's a revolution.

I didn't really do any heavy research (into Cecil's look). I wanted to dress like Cecil B DeMille, but with a crazier vibe. It wasn't written what he would wear in the script. He is this committed guy who hates bad movies. He has to make his last masterpiece and he goes for it. He won't stop until he has his last shot.

It's completely different (working with John Waters). You work with John, and you're in John-Waters-land, which is his own cult, his own way of making movies, his style, which is what's great about him. It's why I wanted to do it. He's a complete original. We just had a great time. It was much more interesting. Movies are usually crazy, a bunch of stress. This was relaxed. Similar, I guess, to other artists like Woody Allen.


On Deacon Frost:
"Vampires to me have always been very sexy...the way they look. The eternal youth thing - living forever - and getting whatever you want. It's always exciting to play someone who's dark, who you almost want to like, but who you want to be afraid of - that's a cool thing to do as an actor."

"Deacon's just having a good time driving his car, killing people on the beach, and kickin' it"

"I like the role of Frost in the movie, rather than that of Blade, because that's the only role I think I'm suitable for."

On Titanic:

"I want to have a career like Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Jack Nicholson. I want to win an Oscar one day. That would have been impossible if I'd got Titanic."

"Look at Leo. His career can only go downhill from here. He'll always be 'the guy on the boat'."

On Fame:

"If you're too nice, it can be a trap. They'll start showing up every day."

"Fame seems exciting but it can also be a total nightmare. And I'm not even that well known yet. I don't have the problems Madonna has."

"I feel like we're really being told what to do. I always hated that as a kid. I still hate that."

On Friends:

"I was really nervous because to me Jack is the ultimate man. He was the most loyal, endearing, supportive person I've worked with so far, and that gave me the confidence to do what I had to do, which was to try to hold my own with a guy like that."

"I'm a huge fan of Nirvana - it's one band that I thought was original and had something to say. That death really shook me up. Kurt Cobain found out about S.F.W. four months before he split. It was the first movie he said he'd write a song for. But now we'll never get the song."

"The last two years have been really strange for me. Everyone I admire has left the planet. Before his death, River Phoenix and I were maybe gonna get a chance to work together. He died like a block away from my home. And I had to drive by the Viper Room every day on my way to the S.F.W. set."


On the REAL Dorff:

"Deep down, I'm a very sensitive guy. I don't mean to project a tough exterior all the time. I think you have to get very close to me before you start to see my vulernable side."

"I feel things more intensely than I can express. If I couldn't be creative, I think I'd go insane."

"There have been times when I have not been happy about the way I look, but that's only human.  I used to hate my lips for example.  I thought they were pretty unattractive.  Then people started telling me I had a good pout.  So I don't feel so bad about it now."

"I care very much how I present myself visually.  I'm really into photographs and I've made my own films.  In photos I'd hate to do something boring like actors do.  The shots have to refect my personality."

"I have been called charming a few times.  I suppose I can be quite gentlemanly.  That's not to say I don't try and flirt!

"People sometimes keep things to themselves in order to be polite but that's a form of lying. If something comes into my head I'll say it. That means people think I'm the most arrogant actor around. I don't care as long as I'm saying what I truly feel and believe."