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AOL CHAT : Deuces Wild

05/01/02 : This chat also features a few questions from THE DORFF PROJECT's own STARSECHOS (even though they omitted the last S in her name in the transcript).

LIVEBronwyn:  I am so excited to be welcoming this talented young star to AOL Live tonight. From the time he was just 9 years old, he started appearing on TV. I personally remember seeing him appear on 'Married With Children...' and 'Roseanne.' Oooh, the way we swooned for Jimmy Meltrigger. ;) LOL. As he got older, he matured, and so did his roles; he no longer played the angst-ridden adolescent. Quite possibly, one of his best roles came when he was 19 years old in 'The Power of One.' He truly has come a long way, and I can't wait to chat with him about his career and upcoming movie, 'Deuces Wild.'
Welcome, Stephen, to AOL Live. We are thrilled to have you with us tonight.
LilBabyGurl866 asks:
Question:  Hi, first off, let me say you're very good looking and a great actor. I'd like to know, how did your career got started as an actor?
Stephen Dorff:  I was going to school in L.A. with a bunch of actors' kids and stuff, and I always wanted to be in the movies. I started acting in drama class in school. And then, basically, I started doing commercials and some television stuff. I started doing 'The Power of One' when I was 17. That was the first big movie I got, and then it kind of just happened.
LIVEBronwyn:  Lets hop into your current role. Qbee27 asks:
Question:  In 'Deuces Wild,' you play a gang leader trying to protect your neighborhood from drugs. What was it like to take on this role?
Stephen Dorff:  At the time, I was wanting to play a kind of nicer character, a character with morals and stuff. I played a lot of bad guys before. It was just kind of a good story with good human elements that I responded to, and I just wanted to play him.
LIVEBronwyn:  Bolo070 asks:
Question:  There are many fight sequences; did you do them all, or did you have a stand-in/stunt double?
Stephen Dorff:  I always do most of my own fighting, but I have a double that has worked with me since 'Blade,' so he's there on every movie to do things if I can't do them or if it risks injury.
LIVEBronwyn:  There was such a togetherness onscreen. Stogirl wants to know:
Question:  What was it like to work with the cast you had? Was there a sense of camaraderie among you guys?
Stephen Dorff:  Yeah. It was just a great group of guys and girls in the movie, and I think that's what elevates the movie, kind of the rich ensemble that was put together for the movie. This is a story that people have seen before, so with this cast, I think we elevated the story to something that's not just a normal story. The cast helped the movie.
LIVEBronwyn:  Jenram5 wants to know what it was like working with Frankie Muniz.
Stephen Dorff:  Frankie is really a good guy. He's very professional, and it was nice to see him in a movie like this. He has been trying to do different things. And I didn't realize the success he's having with 'Malcolm in the Middle' at that time, but I really enjoyed working with him.
LIVEBronwyn:  Swc923 wonder about older projects:
Question:  What was it like working with director John Waters on the movie 'Cecil B. Demented'?
Stephen Dorff:  I love John. He's kind of special filmmaker, and I like to do different kind of movies. So for me, it was kind of a personal thing, 'cause he kind of wrote the part for me, and that was the first time that has happened. He's a lot of fun to work with. When you work with John, it's a very unique experience.
LIVEBronwyn:  AOL members want to know it all...
Question:  With summer coming up, I was wondering if you could tell us about your first summer love.
Stephen Dorff:  I can't remember. LOL
LIVEBronwyn:  Being a female who had a HUGE crush on you :), I have to ask: Do you have a girlfriend?
Stephen Dorff:  No... and who do you have a crush on now?
LIVEBronwyn:  Still you. LOL
Stephen Dorff:  Good. :>
LIVEBronwyn:  Starsecho asks:
Question:  What was different about working on a soundstage versus flying away somewhere exotic?
Stephen Dorff:  I like working in different locations far away from Los Angeles when I make a movie. I'm not big on soundstages. Although, when you work on a stage you have more control, so sometimes you have to.
LIVEBronwyn:  Angelheart757112 wants to know what your favorite movie is.
Stephen Dorff:  I don't really have one. I love movies like 'Scarface,' 'The Shining.' I love the movies from the 70s, like Steve McQueen movies.
LIVEBronwyn:  LilBabyGurl866 wonders:
Question:  Did you have fun playing the role of a gangster?
Stephen Dorff:  Yeah, it was pretty cool.
LIVEBronwyn:  Lauren wonders:
Question:  In your lengthy television and movie career, what has been your favorite role and why?
Stephen Dorff:  There's a couple movies that stand out to me. I love the movie I did,
'Backbeat' -- I love that film.
Question:  What CD did you last buy?
Stephen Dorff:  I bought some CDs in Europe, actually, import CDs, different kind of DJ compilation CDs. I have been listening to my brother's CD a lot. It's supposed to come out this summer.
LIVEBronwyn:  What is his name/band name?
Stephen Dorff:  His name is Andrew Dorff, and he's 25. He writes very good songs. His CD comes out this summer. He's a real good singer, has a real distinctive voice. He's kind of like a young Bob Dylan. He actually really wrote one of the songs on his record. It's kind of cool... let me fix that. I wrote one of the songs on the record. I wrote the music, he wrote the words. I write lyrics sometimes, but Andrew is better.
LIVEBronwyn:  Babiebluekr83 wonders:
Question:  How was this movie different from any other movie you have done?
Stephen Dorff:  It's not really different. It's a 50s movie. I've never worked in that time frame. But it was made the same way that the other movies are made; it's just always different.
LIVEBronwyn:  Starsecho asks:
Question:  You've worked on a lot of films recently, some of which won't be out for a while. Of these, which would you consider your favorite and why?
Stephen Dorff:  I'm looking forward to... I like 'Deuces Wild.' And there's a movie coming out September or October, it's still being finished. It's called 'Steal,' but the title might change. Basically, it's kind of an action movie with a lot of humor -- some crazy stuff that I don't think people have seen before.
LIVEBronwyn:  Emin wants to know, what are the daily pressures you face as a Hollywood star?
Stephen Dorff:  My biggest pressure is probably just having to talk to my agents. There's pressure probably like any job, but just intensified because of the media and doing what I do -- but I don't mind.
LIVEBronwyn:  CeMe17 wants to get to know you better. She asks:
Question:  What is your favorite color and why?
Stephen Dorff:  I don't know. I have a few different favorite colors. I like blue, and I like black and brown and stuff, I like orange... and I don't know why.
LIVEBronwyn:  ZReina asks:
Question:  After this movie, what's in store for you? Probably a vacation!
Stephen Dorff:  I don't have time for a vacation, unfortunately, because I'm producing two movies this year, one next year, and that kind of takes up a lot of my time. It's different from just being the actor -- you have to deal with everything else.
LIVEBronwyn:  Producing, huh? :) Which role do you prefer? Acting, producing or even songwriting?
Stephen Dorff:  I prefer acting and music and stuff, but producing, I like the business end of it too, and you could be a good producer or bad producer. The producer kind of brings in all the elements, so it's kind of important.
LIVEBronwyn:  MGold007 wants to know who your favorite actor is.
Stephen Dorff:  Probably Jack Nicholson.
LIVEBronwyn:  Shellie69Bttr asks:
Question:  What do you do to relax when you're not doing a film?
Stephen Dorff:  I like to play the guitar. It relaxes me. And I like the sun, like warm weather and stuff.
Question:  How did you meet Fred Durst?
Stephen Dorff:  I just did the opening shot in his video. I met him at some parties in L.A., and he asked me to do that little thing in the video with Ben Stiller, and I said yeah. I don't know him too well.
LIVEBronwyn:  SD wants to know about your online habits:
Question:  Many fans are asking if you spend time online yourself. If you do, what kind of sites do you visit?
Stephen Dorff:  I don't really go on the Internet too much. I mean, there was time that I was on the WebTV a lot, checking things out, going through it. But I kind of broke my WebTV and have never gotten it fixed. In my office we have computers, and they are on the Internet all the time, seeing if there is any funny stuff about me or fake stuff or whatever. It seems to come in handy when you want to find something or if you want to buy something that you can't find in the stores.
LIVEBronwyn:  If you even remember this far back...
Question:  What was it like working on the 'Roseanne' show?
Stephen Dorff:  I mean, it was fun. I'm not a big fan of television shows -- it's a different kind of acting, a different kind of situation, kind of staged and rehearsed. I had fun on that show, though. I only did it twice. I like John Goodman a lot, so that was like the most fun, working with him.
LIVEBronwyn:  Lcdmusic asks:
Question:  How do you feel about opening the same day as 'Spider-Man'?
Stephen Dorff:  I think they are doing that on purpose. At first I was kind of surprised, but in the end I think it makes sense, 'cause there isn't any kind of studio movie coming out against it. And our audience is a young audience, and we are R rated and kind of a harder film. They feel that we will get a lot of people, I guess. I also think that's kind of good. We're not in competition with that movie. That's a different type of movie. There is more money involved in making that movie. I think there will be a lot of people going to the movies because of that, and we are playing in all the same theaters. So I would be happy coming in number two, 'cause on this movie, if you come in number two, because of the size, you are a hit already.
LIVEBronwyn:  OK, last question. :( Tell us something to make us go see 'Deuces Wild.'
Stephen Dorff:  I think it kind of delivers a good story and a good time. It's a rumble movie, and there's a lot of good-looking guys, like Frankie Muniz. So go see it.
LIVEBronwyn:  Wow, I can't believe we are out of time already. I could chat with you all night, Stephen! This has been so much fun. I hope you come back and chat with us again sometime. Don't forget, people -- 'Deuces Wild' opens this Friday, May 3. Check it out! You won't be disappointed. I saw it, and I wouldn't steer you wrong. Well, Stephen, it has been a pleasure, and I hope you have a good night.
Stephen Dorff:  Thank you very much for having me, and I hope you guys enjoy the movie!
LIVEBronwyn:  Good night, everyone!
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