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Yahoo Chat W/John Waters

Cecil B. DeMented Writer/Director John Waters & Star Stephen Dorff
Written and directed by John Waters, Cecil B. DeMented goes behind the scenes with a group of obsessed cinema terrorists whose goal in life is to avenge the crass sins of commercial movie culture through acts of brazen filmmaking and vigilant outlaw cinema and retribution. As the movie begins, the title character and his "Sprocket Holes" gang kidnap Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith), a beloved Hollywood movie star visiting Baltimore for the premiere of her latest blockbuster. Once Whitlock is their prisoner, DeMented and his horny, tattooed crew immediately go into production on Raving Beauty, the ultimate underground movie in which Whitlock is forced to play the insane owner of a failed art theatre. Armed with lights, cameras, heavy artillery and courage to burn, DeMented and his guerrilla production team wreak havoc on the Baltimore film scene, hitting targets from the Maryland Film Commission to penetrating the high- security set of a major big-budget sequel. Join Yahoo! Chat and Distant Corners for a live live with John Waters and Stephen Dorff, the title character in the latest film on Friday, July 28 at 7pET/4pPT.

Yahoo_Host1: John Waters and Stephen Dorff have joined us!
john_waters_live: He's Cecil B. Demented. he should go first.
yahoomusic: now folks...give us a very warm yahoo welcome to both of them!
john_waters_live: Hello from me, anyway.
john_waters_live: WE're both doing this interview.
stephen_dorff_live: Hello everyone!
john_waters_live: I've had translators before, and i say what i normally say, and usually they're too horrified and say something different.
john_waters_live: But not here!
john_waters_live: LOL

honey_crash asks: How much of this film is autobiographical?
stephen_dorff_live: Hello everyone!
john_waters_live: Uhm, let's just say i've run from the police. I've asked stars to set their hair on fire...
stephen_dorff_live: Hello everyone!
john_waters_live: but i think i have a bette sense of humor and am less of a fascist that Cecil B. Demented.
john_waters_live: ;)

mistressmaetel asks: Stephen, are you anything like Cecil?
john_waters_live: LOL
stephen_dorff_live: John what should I say? Probably not as extreme as Cecil....
john_waters_live: basically....hrmm....
stephen_dorff_live: I think I definitely like his hairstyle...
john_waters_live: also, you wear clothes with authority
john_waters_live: and you are also as so sure of your acting.
john_waters_live: You're know what you want to do. You're set in your ways!
john_waters_live: LOL
john_waters_live: (john giggles a lot)
stephen_dorff_live: Yes....Yeah.....Definitely. Those would be the comparisons....
john_waters_live: You're just NOT horney as much as he is.
john_waters_live: You're allowed to have orgasms, whereas he is'nt.
john_waters_live: we both agreed today to not have sex until this interview.
stephen_dorff_live: I am actually, it would be interesting if I worked with a director who asked me not to release until after filming....
john_waters_live: Y'all think we're going to talk dirty?

zooey_franny asks: How did you get Melanie Griffith to commit to the film?
john_waters_live: my agent at CAA called hers at William Morris.
john_waters_live: And then i had a meeting with her.
john_waters_live: I went to her very movie star house right near OJ Simpsons, (must have been a nightmare)
john_waters_live: She wore a skoal tshirt and no makeup.
john_waters_live: We got along great.
john_waters_live: I explained to her what i wanted this movie to be, and she said yes!
john_waters_live: She wore a skoal tshirt and no makeup!
Yahoo_Host1: Was it hard to play a campy character?
john_waters_live: i don't think he's campy. Campy to me....means...well...he's straight in this film, tho gay friendly. Campy means OVER THE TOP and Hambonish.
john_waters_live: He's not hambone-ish at all.
john_waters_live: I mean, for hollywood, Campy means Gay. He's not gay.

absenceofmalice asks: stephen - did you do your own stunts in this film?
stephen_dorff_live: Yeah actually I didn't have a double in this movie. I think the biggest stunt was when Melanie jumps off the roof.
john_waters_live:'ve got a death scene!
stephen_dorff_live: We had a death scene in the end, where a stunt person was involved. But I did most of the action stuff, hanging out of the van, the chases, and stuff. It wasn't such a heavy stunt thing for me. But it was a heavy hand gun chose for me, a Desert Eagle.

marknyc.geo asks: Stephen... What was the coolest thing/place John showed you in Baltimore?
stephen_dorff_live: My favorite place was John's house! But we went to that bar where we shot Pecker, what was it John?
john_waters_live: We went to the Club Charles and the HOliday House.
john_waters_live: We shot Pecker in a place that was closed.
stephen_dorff_live: I was thinking of the other one...didn't you should Pecker there? Well, the Holiday House, it's a biker bar, a pretty incredible place, they have bands playing there, called like THe Smoking Guns.
stephen_dorff_live: And I met a relative of Melanie there....
stephen_dorff_live: Also the Charles Bar, was a cool place.

slavov_zizek asks: John, are you or are you not actually a part owner of the club chuck?
john_waters_live: i bought enough drinks in there!
john_waters_live: I'm not an owner. I'm just a very enthusiastic customer.
stephen_dorff_live: Was that out of Baltimore that question?

absenceofmalice asks: pecker seemed like a "happy" film, will cecil b. demented be more twisted?
john_waters_live: Well , my favorite was a quote on Pecker calling it a Disney film for Perverst.
john_waters_live: Cecil is darker. It's in many ways closer in spirit to my earlier films. ABout sexy terrorists and how much fun it is to go to riots.
john_waters_live: ;)
john_waters_live: i think first..i am poking fun at myself.

tsa173 asks: Mr. Waters, is the new movie poking fun at the film industry in general or a particular genre (maybe your own)?
john_waters_live: What do you have to do anymore to be edgy?
john_waters_live: Die?
john_waters_live: Set people's hair on fire?
john_waters_live: Kidnap extras and force them in your film?
john_waters_live: It's also a joke on what women have to do to get work in hollywood, and the extremes they have to go to in order to reinvent themselves for the audience.

absenceofmalice asks: what was it like working with alicia witt?
stephen_dorff_live: Alicia's cool, she jumped right in there, gave a great audition for John...I was enthusiastic about the whole cast, a lot of talented newcomers.
stephen_dorff_live: I didn't know too much of her work, but I thought she did a great job, and she's a nice person. And she did a great scene with the gerbil.

slavov_zizek asks: John, since guerilla filmmaking plays an important role in this film, talk about your early guerilla filmmaking days in Baltimore. (e.g. naked at hopkins and in the dell)
john_waters_live: well i guess you know i was arrested while making Mondo Trasho...or Conspiracy to commit Indecent Exposure...
john_waters_live: Divine escaped driving a 1959 red cadillac convertible, wearing a gold lamme toreador outfit with a nude man next to her.
john_waters_live: The police could'nt find them...
john_waters_live: :D

absenceofmalice asks: for both john and stephen - what's been your favorite film to work on in your career?
john_waters_live: well, that's a hard question in 30 years of work.
john_waters_live: Cecil B. Demented is right up there at the top.
stephen_dorff_live: For me I would say a cross between Cecil B. Demented and a movie called Backbeat a long time ago. I had a blast making this movie.

absenceofmalice asks: how much did the film cost to make - and how did you get financing?
john_waters_live: the movie cost...about 8.5 million.
john_waters_live: I dunno.
john_waters_live: Where'd i get it? From a french company called Canal Plus, and Artisan bought the american rights.
john_waters_live: I got it by pitching at the Cannes film festival.
john_waters_live: A couple years ago....
stephen_dorff_live: Which we were just at.
john_waters_live: and it fell thru the first time, then a new french film came into play when i finished Pecker.

jeanette_m_g asks: Stephen, what was you're biggest challenge in playing your new role?
stephen_dorff_live: I think for me, I always knew I wanted to play the role and knew how I was going to do it, but for me the hardest thing was just jumping in...
stephen_dorff_live: I knew it was going to be what it was hard for me to approach it till I was in wardrobe, Van Smith did the costumes helped me, once I had my whip I was ready to go....

yahoomusic asks: when you cast ricky lake in hairspray did you ever dream she'd have her own talk show (that is sometimes almost as surreal as a john waters film)?
john_waters_live: well...when Rikki ...i met her and she told me she wanted to be a TV Star. Not a movie star. THat was weird.
john_waters_live: I tell Rikki her show shocks ME!
john_waters_live: It was great to have her back on the cast for Pecker. She's a close friend.
john_waters_live: I tell her the show shocks ME!

enigma_of_illusion asks: Stephen Dorff has fame changed you? Are you happy?
stephen_dorff_live: I feel pretty happy and lucky with the people I've gotten to work with.
john_waters_live: happy birthday baby!
john_waters_live: (singing)
stephen_dorff_live: I am happy with this movie. And it's my birthday in it's about six hours, so I 'm a happy guy!
stephen_dorff_live: I don't have the problems Tom Cruise has, but it seems every year I get more well known. So I just deal with it the way everyone deals with it.

spud_manson asks: John: was Stephen your first choice for the lead role?
Yahoo_Host1: Was Stephen your first choice for Cecil?
john_waters_live: of course he was! He was my first choice even before i wrote it! I had pictures of him on my desk while i was writing the script.
stephen_dorff_live: It was those Paper Magazine pictures! John actually gave me, when I got down to Baltimore and started making it, he gave me the slogan, the ad slogan, it was this cool thing...
john_waters_live: :)

callie518 asks: Stephen, How crazy is it working with John?
stephen_dorff_live: It's crazy in the way that the material is crazy and fun.
stephen_dorff_live: Most scripts and most movies, usually they are not that original, just different characters names, but this movie, every scene is a new challenge.
stephen_dorff_live: Every scene is this incredible world, all these different characters. And the rhythm of the dialogue, how to be a cult leader.
stephen_dorff_live: It was crazy in the way that it was fun. John, though, to be honest, is very relaxed. It was a very smooth set I found. I've been in movies where there was a lot more craziness going on.
stephen_dorff_live: It was very enjoyable.
stephen_dorff_live: It was chaos, but in a good way.
Yahoo_Host1: People expect chaos on a JOhn Waters film!
john_waters_live: the schedule is not chaos...or we could never make it on the budget. It HAS to be well produced and well planned.
john_waters_live: But we have fun.

callie518 asks: John, I really like what I have seen of the cinematography in Cecil...what kind of lighting did you use?
john_waters_live: this movie was made very quickly.
john_waters_live: Minimal Lighting.
john_waters_live: Bobby Stevens was the DP who has worked with me before. And a great camera operator who used a steadicam a lot
john_waters_live: If i had to cover every shot at every angle i wanted...we'd need 300 days rather than 32
stephen_dorff_live: It was very fast. But there are so many characters in the movie, so it's more complicated. There were like 14 of us running around? There was a lot of steadicam actually.
john_waters_live: :)

spud_manson asks: Stephen: What do you feel or hope you've brought to this film? Happy Birthday btw xxx
stephen_dorff_live: I hope I just have done Cecil B. Demented justice. ANd brought an amazing character to life.
stephen_dorff_live: I'm pretty proud of it, and I think it's the funniest character I've done.
stephen_dorff_live: I wanted him to be solid, no flaws, just a character people haven't seen before. John wrote it that way, I hope I brought everything out of it.
john_waters_live: you did Stephen. You did.
stephen_dorff_live: THanks buddy. I love this movie. I think my nanny will even love it. I don't think she'll understand it. But I think she'll get a kick out of my outfits. And my nanny loves John's moustache.
stephen_dorff_live: And my friends love it, which is a good sign.

Geddy007 asks: John...HOw can one man be SO HIP?
john_waters_live: oh puhleeze!
john_waters_live: You just get up very early
john_waters_live: You have more time to think up more things!

anidgirly asks: john, have there been any movies you've written but could never go through with because they were too out-there?
john_waters_live: well, there was only one...other than the sequel to Pink the end Divine flies away on a magical turd.
john_waters_live: but that never seems to be able to get made.
john_waters_live: Now that Divine is no longer with us....and Anthony Hopkins should play the role.
john_waters_live: He'd look great in that gown and would bring dignity to the role.

Sunbeam198 asks: HI Stephen, Sunni from Florida, Any chance that you'll take a bite out of a Blade sequel?
stephen_dorff_live: No, I pretty much died in the first one, I blew up.. The director didn't like the first script for the sequel, so he wanted to bring me back as Deacon Frost's evil twin brother.
stephen_dorff_live: But basically I don't think he's doing it, I haven't heard, but as of now, probably not.
stephen_dorff_live: THey are doing one though I think,
john_waters_live: they should give Tracy Lords a bigger part this time!

slavov_zizek asks: John, in your opinion what is the biggest difference between making a ,000 movie and a ,000,000 one?
john_waters_live: you have a place to shit.
stephen_dorff_live: LOL!
john_waters_live: is that too rude to print?
stephen_dorff_live: LOL!
john_waters_live: used to be the woods. Now it's a trailer.

callie518 asks: How much is written before and how much improv?
stephen_dorff_live: THe whole script from three years before I got it to start shooting, was pretty much the same script. When you do a movie with John, you pretty much don't want to improv.
john_waters_live: if there was improve, we'd work it out in rehearsal.
stephen_dorff_live: If something was changed in the rehearsal weeks, we rehearsed....

tsa173 asks: Mr. Waters, any new movie projects under way?
john_waters_live: Well..... i'm beginning to think up a comedy called a DIRTY SHAME
john_waters_live: it's about blue collar sex addicts in Baltimore and their search for some kind of dignity...
Yahoo_Host1: John Waters had to leave us - he had a meeting. But Stephen Dorff is going to stick around and answer some more questions.
john_waters_live: well...i want to thank you all for having me into your computer...and i hope you go see the film that opens in many places on August 11th.

Fri Jul 28 16:35:25 2000

jeanette_m_g asks: Stephen, what was the hardest character that you've ever had to play?
stephen_dorff_live: Probably the character Stu Sutcliffe in Backbeat, I had this hard Liverpudlian accent, and complicated emotions and complicated real life people involved.
stephen_dorff_live: THey were great people and it was a great experience though, and one of the favorite movies I've made.

mistressmaetel asks: Stephen, what was it like working with Melanie Griffith?
stephen_dorff_live: Cool, she's kind of a crazy gal.
stephen_dorff_live: But she's real nice and paid John respect, and did her job well. I think it was a risky part for a lady in her situation, but I think it was a hip move for her.
stephen_dorff_live: It didn't to be a movie star, but a movie star not like Michele Pfeifer, it needed to be a movie star you could believe in. Not just any actress could make fun of herself.

slavov_zizek asks: So, Stephen, no that John is gone, what did you REALLY think of Charm City?
stephen_dorff_live: I think it's a strange city.
stephen_dorff_live: It's definitely not a city you'd want to be in if you don't know anybody. I wouldn't want to be there if I didn't know John Waters.
stephen_dorff_live: If you don't know it, you won't find it.
stephen_dorff_live: But it's got an interesting charm and energy about it, John captures something different about it every time he makes a movie.

cheereo187 asks: Did u like being in the movie"Power of One'?
stephen_dorff_live: That was amazing for me because I was 17. I had grown up and went to school in Los Angeles which I hated.
stephen_dorff_live: It was not only my first big movie, but it was an amazing experience to go to Europe and Africa. it was great.
stephen_dorff_live: It was also my entry into making real movies, not like TV stuff.

lil_baby_kid asks: stephen What other job did you want in high school?
Yahoo_Host1: Did you always want to be an actor?
stephen_dorff_live: I kind of just started doing it. I did want to do it, I did it on instinct, and I learn something every time. I'd like to make my own movies too.
stephen_dorff_live: And be a rock star. And do everything! Own an island, invite everyone to come down there.
stephen_dorff_live: Make movies on the island. But not be big and fat like Marlon Brando.
stephen_dorff_live: I'd like to do a Cecil B. Demented II.
stephen_dorff_live: WIth a sequel taking place in the south of France, on yachts, and at the Cannes Film Festival.
stephen_dorff_live: But we'd need a bigger budget, like million.
stephen_dorff_live: But I want this movie to be the widest released and biggest success for John's career.
stephen_dorff_live: I'd love this movie to be a hit, so John gets his ass kissed in Hollywood. I would love to do Cecil II. Just like Blade 2, Matrix 2, you know?
stephen_dorff_live: It opens on August 11 in selected cities, and then a wider release later.
stephen_dorff_live: Hopefully two weeks from there it will hopefully go out to a lot more theaters.
Yahoo_Host1: Thank you so much to Stephen Dorff and Happy Birthday to him!
Yahoo_Host1: Go see Cecil B. DeMented. I've seen it. It's AMAZING!!
Yahoo_Host1: Stephen Dorff and John Waters have left the chat room.
Yahoo_Host1: But they were fabulous and charming - as evidenced by the transcript.
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks to our friends at Distant Corners
Yahoo_Host1: for helping us to set this up.
Yahoo_Host1: That was thanks to our friends at Distant Corners
Yahoo_Host1: for helping to set this up
Yahoo_Host1: Make sure you see Cecil B. DeMented and have a fabulous weekend!