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News Updated (09/02/02)

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Once again the critics have their say...but we get ours anyway.  Make sure to post your opinions on the Dorff Congress, since most of the reviews we found are by people who just can't understand the ending, and don't like art.  But here goes, there isn't much good, but there is bad and ugly!

WARNING:  These sites may contain opinions from people who think that Stephen's role in SFW was crap.  You are advised!
For a full montage of reviews, check out:

Stephen Dorff in online Magazine The Green Room

Stephen Dorff is the kind of respected actor that you can't help but respect. His quality of work far surpasses that of most actors who operate under the umbrella of quantity. His screen presence triggers the nerve that lets you escape into a character's subconscious and this is the very reason we go to the movies in the first place. Stephen Dorff, more than any other actor helps us escape!

For the rest of the article visit:                               

Special thanks to Jay M Burns, Editor in Chief of  "The Green Room Online Magazine".


Fear Dot Com "Do you Like to Watch?" Opens August 30th!


"Do you like to watch?"

A woman's voice beckons from the computer. Images flash across the screen - parted lips, bound wrists, flesh. Her seductive tone summons you closer, inviting you in.

"Do you want to see more?"

If you click "yes" - and you know you want to - you'll be logged on to the internet site, and the game begins. What follows is a miasma of hellish images that leave unsuspecting voyeurs suffering from morbid hallucinations and unspeakable terror.

When four bodies are discovered among the industrial decay and urban grime of New York City, brash young detective Mike Reilly (STEPHEN DORFF) teams with ambitious Department of Health researcher Terry Huston (NATASCHA MCELHONE) to uncover the cause behind their violent and inexplicable deaths. The only common factor shared by the victims? Each died exactly 48 hours after logging on to Were they being punished for their inquisitiveness? For succumbing to temptation? For indulging their guilty pleasures?

Determined to confront and destroy the evil force behind the deadly site, Mike logs on and the clock starts ticking. Now he's got 48 hours to face his own worst fears and solve the mystery, or suffer the fate of the victims before him. Together with Terry, he delves deep into a forbidden universe of contaminated souls and shocking imagery, each step bringing them closer to the horrifying counter-reality of - and a life-and-death confrontation with Alistair Pratt (STEPHEN REA), a sadistic murderer who has eluded Mike and the FBI for years. What they discover is as mystifying as the deaths themselvesÖand more terrifying than anything they ever dreamed.

"Time's almost up."
Fear Dot Com was filmed mainly in Luxembourg, and Montreal, Quebec. As of now its scheduled to be released on Holloween of 2002. It's rated R for violence including grizzly images of torture, nudity, and language. Hmmm..Sounds promising.

Deuces In Entertainment Weekly


The Outsiders: the Next Generation. DORFF AND RENFRO play siblings straight outta 1950's Brooklyn trying to survive the mean streets that killed their brother three years earlier. The newfangled gang movie also gives a nod to S.E. Hinton with apearence by Outsiders and Rumble Fish king Matt Dillon. Just don't expect pompadours,doo-wop, or fonzie jackets. "Its a much grittier tale of poor kids protecting their neighborhood," says director Kalvert (Basketball Diaries). "But its not this drive-by-and-kill-someone stuff gangs do today." So far Deuces has been everything but wild, idling on MGM's shelf since before fall 2001. Kalvert, however isists his $10 million greaser drama was never scheduled to hit theaters before fall 2001. "people kept saying it was delayed, but there was no holdup," he says. " We were in post production [last spring] and the film was set for late September. But  after Sept. 11, a violent New York street gang movie was not exactly what people were interested in, [so] it was pushed back." THE LOWDOWN  Lets get reeeady to rumble?  With Deuces Wild  sharing an opening weekend with the mighty Spider-Man,  it could be more of a crumble. (May 3)
Brought to you by Entertainment Weekly
And special thanks to Antonitte Mahto
More Reviews:

Stephen on AOL Chat

Wednesday May 1st 7pm EST
Actor Stephen Dorff is stopping by AOL LIVE to chat about his new film ' Deuces Wild,' which opens in theaters May 3. Stephen plays gang member Leon, who uses his power to keep drugs off the streets. Stephen has been acting since he was a young boy and has recieved critics' praise for his roles in ' The Power of One' and ' Backbeat '. Bring your questions for this intense actor!
Brought to you by AOL LIVE

Stephen Graces Late Night TV


Stephen Dorff is out promoting again! He will appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on April 25th.  E! will also be running a behind the scenes look at Dueces Wild all week. Including personal interviews with the cast, and crew, as well as a special insiders look at the makeing of Dueces Wild. Check it out to get your sneak preview of this soon to be released movie! Check your local listings for exact times and stations.
Information brought to you by Dawn and The World Of Dorff

Deuces Wild Finally Released!


"Before gangs had guns, they fought with guts." Deuces Wild. Joined by an incredable cast , including half the cast of the Sopranos, Stephen Dorff portrays a 50's gang leader named Leon who only wants to keep drugs and violence out of the neighborhood. He's already lost one brother and won't lose another. All together it has the makings for a great film. According to the Official Site, Deuces Wild should be coming to a theatre near you on May 3! Make sure you get out there and see it.

Den of Lions Filming Complete


Principle of photography has been completed on Stephen's new movie, Den of Lions, in Budapest Hungary. Release date is not yet known since filming has just been completed. Info brought to you by IMDB.

Stephan Dorff? ?


Recently discoverd by a reliable source, It has been determined that on the Cecil B. Demented DVD the actor Stephen Dorff's name is mispelled under the cast listing. Interestingly enough..its not mispelled the obvious way. When often times they spell it Steven, like his fathers name.  No. Its spelled Stephan Dorff. With a nice big "A" in the middle of it. Coincidentally, there is another mistake on with the cast. When you click on the Mink Stole icon you get someone who very much isn't Mink Stole. Anyone who has seen a John Waters movie is very familiar her and her likeness. Who did the cast bios on this DVD anyways?


No Official Home Page for Dorff?


Where did it go? Stephen Dorff dot com's disappearence seems to be quite a mystery?It seems that Stephen sold his domain name, I'm sure for a little profit, to someone who decided to produce a less than amusing search engine. When closeing the window to this "search engine" you are barraged with 6-10 pop up ads. Some of which don't even load correctly. They quickly tend to manifest themselves in the fatherest lower reaches of your monitor. Causing you to searh randomly in order to find and close the devious windows in order to return your screen to normal.  Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.  Go on..I dare you.

Riders a.k.a. $teal


Riders staring Natasha Henstridge and Stephen Dorff is to be released in France and Belgium on May 8th 2002. Sadly the official site seems to have a glitch. On the IMDB when you go to look for the official site, its sends you to a site for a medieval film called Steal, which is one of Riders former titles.

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Just random news and junk.  Enjoy.