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Blade : AOL Live Chat 09/18/98

Transcript of the AOL Live Chat for Blade...

We are live via satellite with Stephen Dorff, who stars in the movie Blade! Also upcoming, he will star in "Entropy," opposite Lauren Holly.

Stephen Dorff: Hello!

Question: Is there any nudity in the film?

Stephen Dorff: Umm...not's not a love story, it's a bloody vampire movie.

Question: Stephen, when you threw the little girl in the street in the movie, did she break any bones?

Stephen Dorff: I didn't really throw her, and the stunt girl took the fall on pads. Nobody got hurt.

Question: Did you ever get hurt, Stephen?

Stephen Dorff: You get a little scratched up, but really no pain.

Question: Was there any part of the movie that was hard to act?

Stephen Dorff: I felt a little silly holding my arms out feeling the Gods, it felt strange acting with nothing.

Question: Did the director give you a vision of what it would look like?

Stephen Dorff: I knew the boundaries. I didn't want to go over the top.

Question: Do you believe in vampires?

Stephen Dorff: I believe in the intrigue. I'd like to think there are vampires, it's mystical.

Question: Was any of the makeup uncomfortable?  Did you have to train to fight?

Stephen Dorff: The end sequence is the one where I had the most to learn. I had to learn the martial arts a bit. Wesley is the martial arts person, and I had to learn to keep up with him.

Question: I love the song "Come To Me," any more plans to write songs?

Stephen Dorff: I didn't write that song with my brother, but it's funny I am writing one with him now.

Question: What was the most challenging part of Frost?

Stephen Dorff: I tried to make him conversational. I tried to make him not only intense but I wanted to make him human too. I couldn't make him too good though, he was the villain.

Question: Were you a fan of the comic book series?

Stephen Dorff: I didn't even know it was a comic book, I'm not a comic book reader, although he does have a cult following.

Question: You were the best thing of Blade. What is next for you?

Stephen Dorff: I just finished a movie with Robert DeNiro called Entrophy, by Phil Jonou.

Question: What was the coolest thing you got to wear in the film?

Stephen Dorff: I kind of just liked that leather coat. It's a 90s sort of thing. I wish I had gotten to wear it more.

Question: What was it like working with all that blood? What is it made of?

Stephen Dorff: It was ediblebut it was sticky. It was made of a sugary substance.

Question: Did you guys ever play with the blood?

Stephen Dorff: No, some people broke out in rashes from it during the shower scene.

Question: How did you prepare for this role?

Stephen Dorff: I just put the teeth on and picked the moments.

Question: What was it like working with the actors? Was it fun?

Stephen Dorff: It was like an adventure everyday, it was more interesting to watch. A lot more time and work involved. It's not real thought-out. It was a great group of people to work with.

Question: Who does your hair?

Stephen Dorff: Chris did it.  He created the "Friends" styles.

Question: What was it like to work with Snipes, the best actor ever?

Stephen Dorff: It was a great experience, it is great to work with someone who knows what they are doing. He takes incredible chances.

Question: What has been your favorite role?

Stephen Dorff: I've kind of been happy with all of the choices I've made"The Power of One" was a movie I'll never forget. I think SFW was ahead of its time.

Question: Any plans to direct in the future?

Stephen Dorff: Definitely. I like working with directors who allow you to use your own vision, and I think it would be great.

Question: Was Steve Norrington good with actors?

Stephen Dorff: He put my vision on screen, he was incredible. We were in complete sync. I'd love to do another movie with him.

Question: Did you have to buff up for this?

Stephen Dorff: Not really. I'm not really a gym guy. I was in better shape than I usually am.

EAMC Host: Thank you for joining us, Stephen!

Stephen Dorff: You're welcome!

(c) 1998, Entertainment Asylum & America Online.

9/8/1998 11:52 AM