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Deuces Wild Press Kit Quotes

These are some of the interesting quotes to be found in the Deuces Wild Press Kit.  We thought you might enjoy them.  Stephen's quotes are on the Quotes page.

Scott Kalvert (Director):
"I've always liked gritty street movies, but what really hit me about Deuces Wild was that behind those mean streets of Brooklyn, the gangs were really just made up of dysfunctional kids with intense feelings.  The film and it's conflicts are driven by emotion, as opposed to just fighting for the sake of fighting."
"I don't think anyone has looked at the fifties quite like this, with a kind of contemporary hyper-realism.  We shot the film dark and moody, and made every detail as real to the time as possible.  I wanted to give the audience a visceral, authentic feel for what it was like to fight when your life and beliefs were at stake."
Michael Cerenzie (Producer):
"The script had so much texture.  For those of us who grew up there, the Brooklyn depicted in the script is the same we have in our hearts and minds and memories.  It was a place and time when six city blocks could be your entire world, and getting out of those six blocks could be the biggest challenge of your life.  Scott Kalvert was the perfect person to capture this.  He brings a contemporary sexiness to it and a real accessibility."
"I think Deuces Wild is a lot of things.  A story of two brothers, a love story, a family story, but also a story that reveals street life right before drugs and guns really changed the rituals of coming of age.  It shows you how things really were, and how things have and haven't changed for kids today."
Brad Renfro (Bobby):
"I think every kid wants a chance to be James Dean.  It's a really fun point in time for an actor.  What I really liked is that this film shows the period realistically.  There have been a lot of stylized movies about this subject matter and time period, but this is the first to make it about real life."
Fairuza Balk (Annie):
"I really like that it gets into the lives of the people who live in the neighborhood.  It has a real feeling of being true, which is very unusual for a movie about this subject."
"Annie is a tough cookie, cold and angry in the beginning.  But I tried to bring a little more to her than that.  She might appear to be an ice queen, but she has her reasons and she has another side."
Balthazar Getty (Jimmy Pockets):
"Jimmy is pretty sleazy and that's fun to play.  Jimmy's a guy who doesn't care anymore.  He's from a borken home and his mother's crazy, and he's just decided to put all his trust in Marco, the leader of the Vipers."
"He's a guy who doesn't let anything effect him.  He doesn't worry about the effects of the drugs coming to his neighborhood.  He just sees himself and his friends getting rich.  He's only ever thinking about payday, not about the people around him."
Norman Reedus (Marco):
"He's in the calm center of the tornado, but he doesn't trust anyone.  He just stands there, always posing but orchestrating chaos."
Josh Hakian (Special Effects Coordinator):
"It was more primal and more emotional because the fighters had actual contact with one another and they did more creative damage and vandalism.  We really wanted to bring a sense of that to the rumble scenes, and Scott Kalvert let us be very creative with them."
Pete Antico (Choreographer):
"The fights establish what kind of club the Deuces is versus the Vipers.  You see the intensity of the Deuces and their angst and you see the toughness of the Vipers, who are not a gang that will just roll over and play dead.  But each character also has is own particular style that expresses his own desires and emotions as he rumbles.  The characters are exposed through their fighting."